All About All-on-4

Dentures have long been the go-to solution for multiple missing teeth. But they require a lot of care and can be painful, lead to bone loss, and make everyday activities like eating, speaking and smiling difficult.

Implant-supported replacement teeth (crowns built on artificial roots made of titanium) solve the problems that come with dentures. However, many people haven’t chosen this option because, until relatively recently, replacing a full arch of teeth with implants has been a long, costly process requiring several dental visits and procedures.

An Affordable, Life-Changing Solution

Today, there’s an affordable, long-term solution for multiple missing or problem teeth: All-on-4 treatment. It’s more comfortable and convenient than dentures, and enables you to eat, speak and smile more naturally.

All-on-4 is a minimally invasive, often one-day procedure. The oral surgeon will gently pull teeth as needed, remove infected or diseased tissues, and place four implants. Using just four implants per arch (instead of one per tooth) reduces overall treatment time and cost.

Because the implants in All-on-4 treatment are angled into the jaw, they even work in patients who don’t have enough bone for traditional implants.

Most patients walk out the door with a temporary set of false teeth attached to the implants. After a short healing period, this set will be replaced with the final arch that has custom artificial teeth.

The better your overall health before oral surgery, the quicker the recovery and the lower the likelihood of infection.

Satisfied Patients

So far, more than 150,000 patients have had All-on-4 treatment, and they’re very happy with it. In one survey:

  • 95% of patients are satisfied with their new teeth
  • 98% of patients would recommend All-on-4 treatment to other people

Is All-on-4 Right for You?

All-on-4 may be a good choice if you have poor dentition: many worn out teeth, severe gum disease, or too many large fillings or broken teeth.

It also may be a good solution if you’re missing all or most of the teeth in one or both arches and you:

  • Have dentures but are unhappy with them
  • Want to skip dentures and go right to dental implants
  • Have been told that you don’t have enough bone for single implants.