All-on-4®: Your Questions Answered

All-on-4 is a treatment concept that represents a significant step forward in the way dental professionals replace full sets of teeth (upper arch, lower arch or both). A full set of upper or lower teeth can be held in place by as few as four implant posts. This low-impact approach cuts down on the cost of replacing teeth and provides a replacement that’s more secure than dentures. After healing, people with All-on-4 can eat all of the foods they’re used to eating without fear of pain or of dislodging dentures.

Below are answers to some common questions about All-on-4.

Am I eligible?

Most patients who wear or are considering traditional dentures are eligible for the procedure. One of our oral surgeons can help you decide whether it’s right for you. Using 3-dimensional imaging in the office, we can plan out your surgical options and give you a complete treatment plan. If there is very little bone remaining, in some cases we can offer bone grafting or other implant options for your treatment. To get an All-on-4 bridge, you need to be healthy enough for surgery that requires anesthetic sedation. Uncontrolled diabetes, for example, would disqualify you from an All-on-4 procedure.

How do they look and feel compared to natural teeth?

It’s difficult to tell the difference between an All-on-4 bridge and a healthy set of natural teeth. Plus, they’re just as functional and stay clean with regular brushing, flossing and follow-ups with your dental professional team.

What’s the procedure like?

The procedure is done in the office with a variety of anesthesia options. It usually takes two to four hours per arch. Sometimes it’s possible to get both arches done in the same session. After the procedure, you’ll leave with a temporary arch. The permanent one will take its place after the healing period.

How long does recovery take and what’s it like?

You can expect to be back to relative normal in 48-72 hours. There will be some swelling and soreness during that time, but it’s usually characterized as minimal to moderate. You’ll be back to normal daily activities soon after the surgery, and will be on a soft diet for a few months.

How much does All-on-4 cost?

Because of the low number of implants, All-on-4 is more affordable than you might expect. There are a number of important variables in determining the cost for individual patients. You’ll need to consult with our offfice to get an accurate estimate.