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For a Happy Retirement, Resist These 6 Temptations

For a dentist—especially one who owns his or her practice—planning to retire is a very emotional thing. But if you trust gut instincts, there’s a risk you’ll make a decision you regret. Often, you must go against the grain of your inclinations for the big decisions involved in selling a practice and retiring, says Novi, […]

Optimizing Patient Care with EpicCare Link

Having a patient’s complete medical history is always an important detail determining the optimal dental treatment. Yet, many patients can’t provide accurate medical information, and others may downplay or lie about their health problems. “Relying only on what patients remember to tell us can hinder our ability to provide optimal care,” says Roseanna P. Noordhoek, […]

Better Outcomes for TMJ Disorder Surgery

Pain and restricted jaw function due to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders make it difficult for patients to eat and speak, leading to significantly reduced quality of life. Usually caused by degenerative changes or mechanical disturbances, TMJ disorders are most common in middle-aged women. In about 10% of cases, conservative therapy, such as a bite split, […]

Connecting with Patients

To give you a little insight into our team and provide some lighter reading, we include Q&A profiles like this one in our e-newsletter. We hope you enjoy learning more about Roseanna P. Noordhoek, dedicated oral surgeon, fiber arts enthusiast, music lover and mom. Why oral surgery? Many people come into our office and are […]

4 Reasons to Prepare Now for ICD Coding

Is your practice ready for widespread ICD-10 diagnosis coding? If not, says Grand Rapids dentist Chris Smiley, DDS, a past chairman of the ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs and current editor of the Journal of the Michigan Dental Association, it’s time to get ready. You know CDT codes, which identify procedures for patient record-keeping […]

Is There a Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Implant Failure?

Each year, there are some dental implants that, although they are placed in adequate bone volume, fail within two to eight weeks of the implant placement for unknown reasons. Early research suggests that vitamin-D deficiency could be a contributing factor. Vitamin D supports the immune system and the integration of biomaterials and other metabolic processes, […]

Evidence-Based Approach to Non-Opioid Pain Management

Over-prescription of opioids after dental and other types of surgery fueled the opioid epidemic in the United States, leading to 46,802 overdose deaths in 2018.1 In dentistry, nearly 1 in 3 opioids (29.6%) were prescribed for pain that was expected to be mild and 29.3% of prescriptions exceeded the recommended dose, according to an analysis […]

Restoring Function and Esthetics

To give you a little insight into our team and provide some lighter reading, we include Q&A profiles like this one in our blog post. We hope you enjoy learning more about Richard W. Panek, DDS, dedicated oral surgeon, expert in dental implants and facial trauma, outdoor enthusiast and traveler. Why oral surgery? I enjoy […]

Exploring the Link Between Alzheimer’s and Chronic Periodontitis

In 2019, 5.8 million Americans were living with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), at a cost to the nation of $290 billion. By 2050, the Alzheimer’s Association projects that these figures will increase to 14 million people and a cost of $1.1 trillion. Research linking chronic periodontitis and AD may lead to a treatment that can help […]

All-on-4: A Proven Solution

Many patients in need of dental implants are unable to receive individual tooth implant replacement due to moderate-to-severe bone resorption or the high cost of implants. All-on-4 treatment requires no grafting and is a cost-effective implant solution for patients with failing dentition and for many with edentulism. The latest research shows good long-term clinical outcomes […]