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Traveling Oral Surgeon Comes Home

We hope you enjoy learning more about the newest addition to our group, Justin M. Pisano, DDS, dedicated oral surgeon, expert in TMJ surgery, musician and traveler. Recently returned from a fellowship in Australia, he’s happy to be back home in Michigan. Why oral surgery? The face, mouth and jaws are very complex and diseases […]

Case Study: Poor Resource Allocation Puts Medicaid Patients at Risk

We’ve all seen patients we wish would have sought care sooner, when their dental issues would have been less expensive to treat, with less discomfort for the patient. Unfortunately, current funding of Medicaid Dental fee-for-service care is limiting access to oral healthcare for the roughly 20 percent of Michigan adults who are covered by Medicaid. […]

Teaming Up for Optimal Outcomes

When your patients need dental implants or other types of oral surgery, they trust you to refer them to the best care. At the Center For Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, our five oral surgeons team up with you to provide care that’s professional, efficient, compassionate and safe. “Patients are reassured when they know that […]

5 Ways to Make Patient Education Pay Off

Misunderstandings about oral health and dental procedures, anxiety about the cost of dental treatment and fear of pain from procedures can be important reasons patients avoid seeing their dentist. All of these concerns can be addressed through effective patient education, which can help patients understand their options and ease their fears so they can focus […]