Connecting with Patients

To give you a little insight into our team and provide some lighter reading, we include Q&A profiles like this one in our e-newsletter. We hope you enjoy learning more about Roseanna P. Noordhoek, dedicated oral surgeon, fiber arts enthusiast, music lover and mom.

Why oral surgery? Many people come into our office and are anxious about the unknown. I love connecting with my patients and talking them through their procedures so that it can be the best experience possible.

Favorite hobbies? I enjoy all fiber arts including knitting, weaving and sewing. My kids and I are always trying to find ways to repurpose what we have into something more functional. My daughter and I are definitely “makers.”

What’s on your playlist? Classic rock and folk are my favorite types of music. I’m always singing and I cannot work without music.

How do you spend family time? Our whole family is adventurous in our food choices. As a result of COVID, we’re trying our hand at cooking more new recipes at home. I’m not great in the kitchen, but my 4-year-old is a really good chef! Outdoors, we like to take family hikes on the weekends and evenings, including at Proven trails, Cascade Peace Park and all of the parks with climbing toys for kids.

Favorite vacation spot? Mexico! Our whole family loves beach vacations. In Mexico, we enjoy the sunshine, the cool historical sites, the food, the music and more.

Little-known fact: I was a huge “Price is Right” fan when I was younger. In college, 13 of my friends and I flew to California to be in the audience. I was called into contestant row but did not make it on stage. I did get to meet Bob Barker and I received a cordless telephone and two shop vacs as my consolation prize.

Giving back: In Honduras and the Dominican Republic, where I’ve done seven medical missions, if we could give people any pain relief or reassurance that they were going to be okay it was very valuable to them. I also participate with the Mission of Mercy projects here in Michigan, where local families have access to multi-specialty care in one location.

Bio Sketch

Born in Lansing, Michigan, Dr. Noordhoek went to college in Grand Rapids and moved back here with her family in 2016.

Education and training

  • Oral Surgery Residency, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • DDS, University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry
  • BS, Grand Valley State University

Board certifications and professional fellowships

  • Basic Life Support
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Fellow, American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • Fellow, American Dental Society of Anesthesiology


  • Bone grafting
  • Dental implants


  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Rockford, MI


  • Spectrum Hospitals
  • Mercy Health, St. Mary’s Hospital

For more information about Dr. Noordhoek and to refer patients to her, call 616-361-7327.