Six reasons to choose dental implants over dentures

Traditionally, patients missing multiple teeth have been fitted with a partial or full denture. Today, more people are choosing to upgrade to dental implants to restore their ability to chew, eat and smile with confidence.

Though more expensive, implants are a better long-term solution for missing teeth, offering these important advantages over dentures.

1. No need for adjustments.

Dentures require periodic adjustments. Even when you think you’ve got them just right, before you know it you’re back for another refitting. Dental implants are truly a permanent solution. Once they’re installed, you won’t have to worry about them for many years and it’s not uncommon for implants to last for the rest of your life.

2. Easier maintenance.

Forget about taking your teeth out at night for cleaning, and never again reach for your tube of denture paste or adhesive. Caring for dental implants is just like brushing your natural teeth, even when you’ve undergone replacement for multiple teeth.

3. No discomfort.

Unlike dentures, which often can cause discomfort, dental implants are like natural teeth—so well fitted to your mouth that you won’t even notice they’re there.

4. No dietary restrictions.

While dentures restore much of your chewing ability, certain foods can be difficult to eat and may cause teeth to dislodge in the middle of a meal. Dental implants provide more stability and greater biting force, so you can eat what you want stress free.

5. A stronger jawbone.

Imagine strengthening your jaw and improving bone density with every bite. That’s exactly what happens when you choose dental implants over dentures. Implants stimulate new bone growth just like your natural teeth do, whereas wearing dentures leads to further deterioration of jawbone tissue.

6. A confident smile.

Crowns that fit over dental implants look just like natural teeth, meaning nobody needs to know they aren’t real. A full smile looks great, builds confidence and helps many patients feel more comfortable in social situations.

While opting for dentures is a more affordable option in the short term, the benefits of choosing a more permanent solution shouldn’t be overlooked. Learn more about the advantages of dental implants by scheduling an appointment with your oral surgeon.