Telehealth for your patients and expanded emergency care hours!

The Center for Oral Surgery & Dental Implants is proud to offer Live Video Consultations for your patients. Starting May 5th we are also expanding our business hours to fully staffed days in Grand Rapids for emergency patients.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and our commitment to everyone’s health and safety, this new service is meant to offer critical access to dental care. Social distancing and mask use is necessary by direction of public health authorities. Telehealth is a way of providing consultation services remotely further minimizing patient and provider exposure.

Our surgeons can remotely provide a virtual consultation for your patients before scheduling surgery. They can discuss symptoms, aspects of care management, and give a professional medical opinion. This interactive communication also allows them to answer patient’s questions and address concerns, as well as prescribe medications and coordinate treatment plans.

While video consultations do not replace conventional doctor-patient interactions, they are a practical alternative to in-person doctor visits during the Pandemic. We anticipate patients will appreciate the convenience of telehealth and that it will become a standard service for many consultation needs.

We will honor all insurance plans normally accepted at our office and as always, this encounter is HIPAA compliant.

Your office or the patient may access the Telehealth registration portal via our website by clicking here.