Fee Schedule (Partial)

Fee Schedule for Common In-Office Procedures 2023

D9310 Oral evaluation $138.00

D0330 Panoramic radiograph $173.00

D7140 Extraction, simple elevation/forceps $217.00

D7210 Extraction, surgical cutting/sectioning $386.00

D7220 Extraction, soft tissue impacted flap $411.00

D7230 Extraction, partially bony removal $542.00

D7240 Extraction, completely bony removal $618.00

D7250 Extraction, residual tooth roots $400.00

D7280 Exposure, surgical unerupted tooth $524.00

D7283 Attachment to facilitate tooth eruption $241.00

D7282 Mobilization of erupted tooth to aid eruption $576.00

D9222 Anesthesia first 15 minutes in office $284.00

D9223 Anesthesia each additional 15 minutes in office $276.00

D9230 Nitrous oxide, inhalation $77.00

D6010 Implant, surgical placement of implant body $2,330.00

Implant and bone grafting fees can vary for each individual case.  We can provide a more accurate fee estimate at the time of your implant consultation.