Patient Review By Diana B

Dr. Panek is definitely a man doing what God created him to be. His knowledge in oral and maxillofacial surgery is exceptional; in addition, very rare in Michigan. By the time I heard of Dr. Panek, I had already exhausted many specialists. A sinus lift with 4 implants already failed from another dentist. I had no bone in my mouth and my arch of my mouth was little to none. No matter how my dentures fit, I could not keep them from falling out. I was without teeth for a year before I was informed of Dr. Panek. He was very patient, compassionate, and understanding. He listened to my story and then tried to explain my predicament. I did not know anything at the time of zygoma implants, however he stated that it would be the best way and actually the only way of guaranteeing me to have teeth. He would do 4 zygoma implants. All the way through surgery, as well as the six months of healing, Dr. Panek and his assistants were nothing short of courteous, considerate and caring, going above and beyond the call of duty. It was as if they were traveling with me on this new journey. Dr. Panek is truly gifted. I can honestly say that a day doesn’t go by without my utmost gratitude for Dr. Panek and his assistants. I would still be toothless today if he would’ve been like all the rest stating, ‘There is nothing more we can do for you.’ But instead, he did an extremely difficult surgery, flawless and with brilliance. Dr. Panek, without a doubt, is # 1 in my book!

- Diana B

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